Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I'm Just...In Awe

God continues to amaze me everyday. I am seeing more and more each day how much he truly loves not only me, but how much he loves all the little children of the world. (The song was right!)

The kiddo, Francisco, that I posted about in my last blog entry, just six hours ago, has been sponsored. I don't know if me posting him was actually the reason he got sponsored, but me having posted that picture only earlier today seems too much of a coiencidence for someone to not have seen the blog post that I posted on World Vision's page.

God is really super great at connecting two people, like a needy child and a loving sponsor, together, isn't he? I am happy to be doing God's work.

It's as easy as posting a picture on a blog.

God, use me in any way you need.

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