Saturday, November 19, 2011

It's a God Thing

I've talked about this before in my blog, but I'm going to say it again. God is pulling on my heart to sponsor another child. I have a feeling that He wants me to do it right

But, like I've also said before, I promised my mom that I would not sponsor another child until mid January, after I pay my first student loan payment, to make sure that I'll have enough money next each month. Legitimate promise, right?

I just got thrown another loop into the plan too. I work for a company that has many locations throughout the state of Illinois. One of the locations filed a grievance because all of the locations are not being paid the same salary. Some of us in smaller towns in Illinois are not making as much as the locations in places in bigger cities, which to me...makes sense, since the cost of living in a bigger city is much more expensive. However, the company has decided to create a career ladder to ensure that everybody with similar levels of education and experience are making the same thing. Since I have both a B.A in early childhood education AND a teaching license, unlike many people I work with, I think I'm going to be somewhere near the middle/top of this ladder. This could mean a significant raise.

Before I sound super greedy and money hungry, this is not the case. I have never been one to worry too much about money. I don't own a credit card. I don't debt from anything besides college loans, which I'm cofindent I will be able to pay off in my own time. I truly believe that God will provide for me. He is not going to let me be homeless or starving. I will not living an extremely comfortable or material life (do any preschool teachers live like that?) but I know that life is not supposed ot be comfortable.

If I do get a significant raise, I will be sponsoring at least one more child, depending on the money situation. If God wants to put more money into my life, I want to use it to help his children and to further his kingdom.

I have been praying about this decision for months and I have reached my decision. In January, if I am able to sponsor a child, I want to choose a little boy from Albania. Through a group I'm involved in on Facebook, I found a wonderful woman who has offered to help me find the perfect child for me.

Also, as if I needed even more tugging from God, it turns out that sponsors through WV are taking a trip to Albania in March. If I sponsor a child from there in January, they will be able to take some gifts, talk to, and take pictures of my newest sponsored child for me. Having only sponsored him for two months at that point, this little boy may have not even received a letter from me yet.

I feel like all the pieces are falling into place already. God has a way of getting things done.

I'm already in love with this little Albanian boy and I haven't even seen his picture yet.

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