Friday, May 5, 2017

My Family is Growing by Leaps and Bounds!

For my more observant blog readers, you may have already noticed some new faces in my sidebar, but I have added even more today.

For the past couple of months, there has been some kind of major issue that prevented Compassion staff from adding new correspondent children to our accounts. As I always have many requests on the list, I knew that when the issues were fixed, I would start to see quite a few children show up on my account. I had no idea that new faces would start to show up so quickly! In the past two weeks alone, I have added 7 kids to my family! Amazingly, many of them are from Kenya!

In alphabetical order (because that it how they uploaded), let me introduce:

5 Year Old Acram from Tanzania

8 Year Old Baraka from Kenya

7 Year Old Hillary from Kenya

12 Year Old Milkias from Ethiopia

6 Year Old Muuo from Kenya 

5 Year Old Tumbu from Kenya 


  1. wow - you are an ambitious correspondent! I love that you are willing and able to take this ministry on. Did I count correctly that you have 67 kids now?

    1. Yep, 67 kids, sponsored and correspondent, Compassion and Manna 4 Lempira. :) There is literally always room for more.

  2. Congrats on your new kiddos! Tumbu goes to the same project as my Miriam and he is the same age as her... I bet they know each other! I get GREAT letters from the project staff there!

    1. Oh, that is great to hear! I am so looking forward to getting to know him.

  3. Wow!! So fun!! I love seeing your new faces!