Monday, May 15, 2017

Holidays & Dreams

Sounds like the name of an album or something.

But really, it's just two form letters from two cute kids. :)

We'll start with the Festivals & Holidays from Veronika. She is the first person I have heard heard whose favorite holiday is Flag Day.

Veronika is 7 years old and live in Haiti. Her letter is dated April 7th, 2017.


1. My Favorite National Holiday is: Flag Day 

2. My Favorite Foods to Eat During Celebrations is: Rice, Beans, & Chicken. 

3. At the project, we celebrate Christmas with: Theater, Singing, Dancing 

4. My family celebrates New Year with: Visiting Relatives 

Veronika is so happy to write you this letter and greet you in Jesus's name today. How are you and your activities doing? She and her family are doing well, by God's grace. Her activities are going well. She thanks you for your support and your prayers. Yes, she celebrated Christmas in the project. The sang, danced, did theater, and told poems. It was very nice. Jesus can make us white as snow and he can wash our sins. Thanks for the nice story of the lion and the mouse. Please help her to pray that she gets more intelligence in school. She wants to share with you John 14:1. She wishes you a happy Easter. 


Now onto sweet Carolin's dream. I love these form letters! 

Carolin is 5 years old and lives in the Dominican Republic. Her letter is dated April 17th, 2017. 


1. When I grow up, I want to be: A Teacher

2. Someday I would like to meet: The President 

3. Someday I would like to visit: A pizza place 

4. Someday I would like to: Travel on a plane 

5. Someday I would like to meet my sponsor because: To know how you are and you are doing. 

Dear Kayla, 

May the blessings of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ continue blessing you. These are the wishes of the girl and her family. They give you thanks for all of the letters you send to her. Please pray for her family and our country. 


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