Friday, October 28, 2016

October is a Hit for Letters!

I have another couple of letters to share with you today. October has been a pretty great month for letters. We've gotten word that the backlog of letters in the Compassion offices are receding and translators are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. If you, like me, haven't heard from some of your kids in 6+ months, we were told that letters from May or earlier are still being seen in the system and will be gotten to soon. Letters from certain countries (Bolivia, Haiti, Peru, etc) seem to be stuck more than other countries. For example, I have heard from my Ugandan or Tanzanian kids 2-3 times since the new system started and other countries not at all. I'm glad to see that things are being sorted out successfully. 

With that long paragraph said, like I mentioned, I received two letters. I will share those with you now. 

Today, I heard from Kwizera. Something about this boy just melts my heart. He doesn't say much, but I love him. Such a sweet boy. 

Kwizera is 11 years old and lives in Rwanda. He wrote this letter on August 10th, 2016. 


Dear Kayla, 

To my parent whom I love a lot. I greet you first in Jesus Christ's name. I am doing good with my family. We are like you and pray for you that God blesses you. We have rain, but it's too much. We have ended the 2nd term and started the 3rd term and I want your prayers to pass. We cultivated beans. I will soon join secondary school. Thank you and God bless you. I thank you for your good letter, where you told me that you will send me another letter and telling me how you love me. I was happy for your letter, and my family was too. 

Thank You,


Now, a letter from Ronaldo. As I've learned over the years, letters from Colombia are some of the most detailed-oriented letters. I think the projects there really do a great job teaching their students how to write wonderful letters. Ronaldo's letter definitely does not disappoint. 

Ronaldo is 19 years old and lives in Colombia, as I said. His letter is dated September 13th, 2016. 


Dear Kayla,

Hello, sponsor. How are you? May God bless you. I'm very happy to write to you again. I start by telling you that in the CDI we recently had an activity our families and I had so much fun. This is why in this opportunity I talk to you about them. I live with my parents and my brother Hector. We live in an urban area and even though there are a few shopping centers, sometimes we go out and visit some parks. I love those moments with them. Who cooks at home is my mom and it's always delicious. If I told you about that, I would never finish. I believe God has blessed me with my family. I received your letter and I can't imagine the old man with a grey beard, but the greatest man of all time is Jesus, with his disciples, giving love to others. Do you admire any of the disciples? I ask you to please pray for me and my family. I'll continue praying for you that God keeps you and fulfills the wishes in your heart. Thank you for your beautiful words. I share Proverbs 3:3. Never forget that you are special to me. Please bless Daniel with Deuteronomy 6:6. 



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