Saturday, October 15, 2016

My Ugandan Trio Strikes Again!

Hahaha. Sometimes I make myself laugh. I guess "strikes again" doesn't have a very positive connotation, but I just mean that I got letters from all three of my Ugandan kids this week. My kids here are certainly growing up! It's great to hear how they are accomplishing new things in their lives. I have noticed that these letters are still taking quite awhile to get to me, some over 4 months, but I still have hopes that they will start to arrive quicker.

First, I'll share Derrick's letter. He has recently started a vocational training class in mechanics. In his last couple of letters, he has mentioned this class, so I know that he is excited about it. He really does seem to be learning a lot!

Derrick is 13 years old. His letter is dated July 9th, 2016.


Dear Kayla, 

It is a good morning here and I am very happy to write to you again. I am fine and my family has been good. How are you? How is Gage and Chloe? I am so busy with learning mechanics. I am now able to identify and work on shock absorbers for cars. I am still learning more about the engine of a car. 

Thank you for your letters. I always enjoy hearing from you. I enjoyed hearing about the past Jewish culture. It is good to learn about God's word when you're young. I am glad that I was taught about God's love for me. Jesus loved us so much and died to save us. It is true that Jesus wants every person to follow him. He is the way, the truth, and the life. I am so grateful for your support and I pray for you, as well. 



Now, a letter from Brenda. She is succeeding very well in high school and often shares about her good grades and accomplishments in her letters. 

Brenda is 17 years old. This letter was written on June 1st, 2016. 


Dear Kayla, 

I am greeting you in Jesus's mighty name. How are you and how is your family? Back to me, I am fine. My family members are greeting you too. Thank you so much. 

In our area, we are now receiving both sunshine and rainfall. I will soon go back to school so pray for me that I can finish the term well. 

The reason that I am writing this letter to you is to thank you for your letter you sent to me. The letter was so so good. 

Here, I have a verse to share; 2 John 1:8, which says, "Watch yourselves, so that you may not lose what we have worked for, but may win a full reward." It teaches me that if I start a journey in Christ, I must finish it and not lose it. 



To wrap up, a letter from Eric. I just received this letter today, so it is great to be able to type it up with the other two letters from this country. It appears that Eric has also started a vocational program, which I love to hear! That was always his goal, from when I started writing to him in 2011. His goal was to finish 8th grade (which he's accomplishing now) and then do a vocational program. I am so happy to see him accomplishing the goals he set in his Compassion project! 

Eric is 21 years old. His letter is dated June 30th, 2016. 


Dear Kayla, 

Greetings to you in the name of Jesus Christ. How are you? For me, I am okay. I am doing well and my mother is also fine. She has a problem with her eyes, but we hope that she will be fine. I thank you very much for the letter that you wrote to me. I became very happy when I received it. Indeed, God has a great plan for me and I thank you for sending me the encouraging verse. How is your work going on? I am studying well. My course is going on well and I like it. I can now read and interpret a simple building plan. I hope to learn more and more. At school, we do a lot of practice work and it is helping me learn well. Here in Kisoro, we are having dry season. We have finished harvesting beans. Please pray for us to get rainfall soon and that my mother gets well soon. I love you and pray for your always. God bless you. 



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