Monday, October 17, 2016

Another Wonderful Letter and Drawing from Rujikorn

Many of my children send me great artwork and I love it all. A drawing done with love is always a happy gift. But, most are just typical child drawings. I'm no artist, but spent my childhood drawing people and houses and cars, the typical doodles seen around the world. My girl Rujikorn, though, has been such a wonderful artist since her first letter. Her drawings have been colorful and detailed since the beginning and just seem to be improving. I look forward to every drawing she sends!

And, of course, the letter is great too. :) I laugh because she introduces herself in every year, even though I've been writing to her for years.

Rujikorn is 12 years old and lives in Thailand. Her letter is dated July 29th, 2016.


Dear Kayla, 

Hello. My name is Rujikorn. I was glad to receive your letter and I thank you for the many letters and beautiful photos I received from you. My family and I are doing fine. Reading the bible makes me happier. Prayer helps me feel better I am afraid of snakes. I look like my father. I write with my right hand. I am really happy to write a letter to you. On my birthday, there were church members joining worship service and praying for me and my family. My family provided some snacks for everyday. I was really happy. I was happy that you wished me a happy birthday and sent the birthday page with two children. It made me really happy because you are a kind sponsor to me. Even though you are far away, you are kind and you love me so much. I love you and I miss you always too. I go to school everyday. I study with all my best. I attend the project activities regularly. Recently, the project held and activity to grow trees for a water source. My friends and I grew trees, so in the future there will be enough water for generations. Please pray for me and my family. My father, mother, and I pray for you always. I hope you visit me soon. God bless you. 

With Love in Jesus Christ,


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