Thursday, June 23, 2016

Two New Correspondent Young Men

Three months ago, I added myself to the waiting list to have three new teenagers added to my family of correspondent children. On June 16th and June 17th, respectively, I was assigned two of those teenagers (the third one will arrive at some point) and I want to share my new young men with you.

Meet 18 year old Rela from East India:

I actually got a completely different photo of Rela last week, when he showed up on my account, but his photo updated just today, so I posted the newest one instead. That smile! 

And 18 year Edison from Ecuador: 

Edison graduates from high school very soon and will graduate from Compassion this December, so I am going to write him as often as I can until then. I want to let him know how wonderful he is before he goes out into the "real world." 


  1. Such handsome guys!!! I love writing to teens. And little ones... I think some of every age is perfect. Enjoy writing with your new correspondents!!

    1. Everyone once in awhile, I get the urge to write to little ones, as well. This time around, I asked for 3 teens and I have another request for 3 kids under 10. Balance out the ages. :)