Monday, June 13, 2016

Project Director Letter: ET-513

Another Monday, another letter! Let's hear from ET-513, which is the project that my girl Enatenesh attends.


Dear Kayla,

 I am Abera Daba, the Project Director of Akaki Beseka MYC Student Center attended by your sponsored child, located in the Addis Ababa region of Ethopia. 

Thank you so much for the support and hope you give to Enatenesh. 

A girl at our center is nine years old. Apart from the name, she has never known her biological father. Her mother also left when she was a baby, yet in the small house they were living saying she was going to the shop, leaving a plastic bag holding the clothes near her baby and disappeared. Nobody knows whether she is dead or alive. It is at this time that a workmate friend of her mother brought this baby to the center. This child that lacked love, lost hope, and was abandoned in an empty house was able to revive here. Now she takes the appropriate medical treatment when sick, is growing physically, is holding the 1st rank in class at school, she is sociable in her social life, and she's learning God's word to feed her soul. In general, she is in a very satisfactory level in all aspects of her life. 

Another girl is 18 years old. She joined the center when her parents were suffering with HIV/AIDS and a little time later, they both died. So she started living with her grandmother, along with her two brothers. Eventually her grandmother also died and they become total orphans. With the holistic support she was getting from the center, she was focusing on her future and was learning diligently to overcome sickness and poverty by obtaining the first rank in her class at school and now she is awaiting her results of her 10th grade national exams. She is praised for her good ethics, is completely healthy and has taken various trainings on gender, peer to peer relations, etc. 

All these have been achieved due to God's help and the support of her sponsors. Sponsors will be blessed on earth and receive a crown in heaven. As we are coworkers in this ministry, we will be partakers of these blessings. 

Besides the regular support we give to our children, we have a special kind of support of nutrition which we extend to fifteen vulnerable children and they are in a good condition now. Six children are HIV/AIDS victims, and they take the recommended medicines for which they are provided with supplementary food and live the life span God has assigned for them. 

Every month, birthday gifts, family gifts, and other kinds of gifts come to various children of our center and they are used to buy additional food, for house renovation, and for various other needs. Many have benefited from these. Some have brought a total transformation of living to families. The families have started self-supportive works such as sheep breeding, small scale trade in market places and they are no relieved economically. A burden has fallen from the center also as they coming to use shedding their tears for the misery they were facing. Now many of them come to our center to tell us about their progress and give thanks. 

Letter communication has a great meaning for many of them. There are very eager children that come and ask us why their sponsors haven't written to them. 

Please pray that these children get detached from all problems they have, to become fulfilled citizens and heirs of God's kingdom, along with you. Pray also that God gives us a wider place for our center. 

Finally, I say may our heavenly Father bless you with his everlasting blessings and give you a fulfilled end for your ongoing support of Enatenesh. 

Abera Daba


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