Thursday, June 9, 2016

Letters to My Kids: May 2016

In May, all of my kids got one letter and some of them even got two! Haha. I'll start out with the letter that I sent to all of my kids. For those of you that don't know already, I work as a nanny. I have worked for the same family for nearly three years now. I share information and photos of the children I take care of with my sponsored children, every six months or so. My kids seem to enjoy hearing about them. Now that Compassion allows us to attach even more photos per letter, it was a treat to get to pick out so many fun photos!

I think my sponsored children will find this letter particularly interesting as the little girl that I nanny for, Chloe, broke her wrist a couple of weeks ago and now as a bright purple cast (which she loves, I must say).

As far as the second letter goes, awhile back, I sent a letter of 10 school related questions to my sponsored children. Since then, I've received several new children who I wanted to send the same letter. In the past, I've received wonderful answers to these questions and I can really picture my kids' school lives with their responses. I've also answered the questions myself, so my kids can compare my school life to theirs. 

With this letter, I included three pictures of me age various ages (5, 9, and 13) holding my backpack and heading off to my first day of school. I hope my children will enjoy seeing photos of me when I was a child. I know I love digging through old photos for letters like this. 

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