Friday, June 10, 2016

Two Long Letters from Two Lovely Girls

With the new letter writing system that Compassion has, letters can show up at any time of the day, due to various time differences and time zones around the world. Yesterday morning, I woke up two completed letters that had arrived overnight. Whoo hoo! 

I will share Khushi's letter first. I just love that her sister is working in the project now! Compassion changes the life of an entire family through one child. 

Khushi is 12 years old and lives in India. Her letter is dated February 1st, 2016, which is quite a long time ago. I can't wait until letters start arriving even quicker! 


My Dear Friend Kayla, 

Greetings. I hope you are fine. I am fine and I have enjoyed all of your wonderful letters. You are a nice friend to me. Thank you very much for sharing many things. Thank you for the Christmas card. Thank you so much for the wonderful Christmas gift I received I received this year, through your support. I got a warm quilt, track suit, shoes, bag, and notebook. I like all of my gifts. Here, I am still enjoying my school and project program. Some days back, a medical camp was conducted in our project. About 200 people were checked and treated by good doctors. My older sister Rinka recently joined our development program as a part-time teacher. She and we are all happy. She likes to teach us games and math. Winter is going now and we will soon be going into spring. Yes, we celebrated our 69th republic day. I will keep praying for you too. I love to hear from you. Here, we are enjoying sunshine and no rain, except for one day. We have no snowfall, yet. God bless you, dear friend. I love you. 

Your Friend,


Next, a letter from Rujikorn. It was quite a letters-from-Asia kind of day. :) 

In her letter, Rujikorn is answering the various questions I asked my kids about their home and project. She is also answering the questions about why Compassion is important and why it is good to have a sponsor. I have loved hearing these answers from my children, so far. 

As always, she sent me a beautiful drawing, as well. I love how detailed her drawings are and how much they show what her daily surroundings are like. 

Rujikorn is 12 years old and lives in Thailand. Her letter was written on April 8th, 2016. 


Dear Kayla, 

Hello, I am Rujikorn. Thank you for the letter, the stickers, the photo, and the Christmas card you sent me. My family and I are doing well. How are you and your family? My house is made of wood and bamboo. I live with my grandmother, my parents, and my younger sister. There are no beds in my house. We sleep on the mats. There is electricity to use. Most of the people in my community do agriculture. The children in my community are helped and supported to have better lives by the Compassion project. We get to know God more. My younger sister is 9 years old. We like to do housework together. My family and I attended the Christmas celebration and had lunch together. I like to follow the rules. At the project and at school, there are rules for the children to follow. At home, there are some rules too, such as don't go outside after 9 p.m. I was given the good opportunity by the Compassion project to learn more. The children who have sponsors are happy. They are supported. Supporting the children is a good thing and writing to the children is good too. The sponsors and the children will get to know each other. I like to read what you write to me in letters. In my place, it is summer and I am on school vacation. Please pray for my studies, my parents' work, and for the health of people in my family. My family and I always think of you in our prayers. May God lead you and your work! May God bless you with good health and a lot of happiness! 

Love in Christ,


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  1. How fun that Khushi's sister is working at the project!! And I love Rujikorn's drawing!