Monday, June 6, 2016

Project Director Letter: CO-426

It's time for the first project director of June! This time, we hear more about project CO-426, which is the project that my girl Lina attends.


Dear Kayla, 

We greet you in the name of or Lord Jesus Christ! 

My name is Monica Ortiz. I am the Center Director of the Child Development Center Lluvias de Amor. We are located in the city of Cali, Colombia, where your sponsored child attends. Thank you for sponsoring Lina. 

Actual Community Photo near CO-426

Among the activities we do every day with our children and youth are devotionals, where we share a portion of the word and make a prayer where the children can entrust to God their needs. One of the activities the kids love the most is the birthday celebration, as it is the time where they can have fun, receive gifts, and enjoy special snacks. With the young people of the program, we are teaching them painting techniques in various materials, such as wood and ceramics. We have had good results with this activity and young people express their appreciation for this art. 

The children are also being supported by the partner church and every threed months they do retreats. These retreats have enabled the kids of the center to have a closer relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. We have several tools that allow us to improve our service to them. One of them is the My Plan for Tomorrow. This document has helped us guide young people in their dreams for all areas. 

We want to mention that we have seen spiritual growth in children, young people, and families of the center. This is due to the work of discipleship that the center is making with the partner church. This motivates us as we see God's support in our work and they are making a big difference in relation to children and families in relation to children and families in the community. 

We recognize the difficulty to be located in a violent area where there are often clashes between gangs and theft. We have seen God's support since we have witnessed His protection and how the community has begun to see us as an entity to turn to. Several parents of the community seek refuge in the program on both a spiritual and physical level. 

Other events that we want to emphasize in the center are the days of optometry through institutions responsible for the welfare of children and young people. 

As for the communication through the letters, it has been very special. The children of the program are very pleased to receive correspondence from their sponsors. These nice gestures have strengthened the bond between sponsor and child. Sponsorship has been and will be decisive to continue to release children from the poverty. Their contribution means more children have the opportunity to develop their potential. 

I wish you a thousand blessings from our Lord Jesus Christ and we kindly ask you to pray for the eradication of violence that our community is facing. 

Because of sponsorship we do so much for the welfare of children. God reward you in the welfare and prosperity of your business and your family. 

Thank you again for sponsoring Lina. 

Monica Ortiz


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  1. That's so great that the kids can go on retreats!! I know that my kids who have gone and them always write about their fun times!