Monday, June 27, 2016

Project Director Letter: ET-576

Onto another project letter! Whoo hoo! This time, from ET-576, which is the project that my boy Fetehalew attends. He's one of my newer kids, so I don't know too much about him yet, but I am looking forward to getting to know him!


Dear Kayla, 

My name is Muluken Abate and I am the leader of the Bahir Dar Mekane Yesus Evangelical Church, where our Child Development Center operates. It is located in the Amhara administrative state in the city of Bahir Dar. 

Dear sponsors, because you help us accomplish this great work of the Lord in a holistic ministry by sponsoring Fetehalew. We express our gratitude to you. Your contribution to the needy will be highly rewarded by God. It has helped us to support many children, one sponsor at a time. 

We make sure that the center plans for the holistic development of the children in the physical, spiritual, cognitive, and socio-economic aspects is implemented correctly.

We simultaneously integrate these holistic works with the outreach of the Gospel of Jesus, and this has brought a great impact in our community, erasing the negative outlook they had in the past for the church. 

In our center, almost all the children attend Sunday school and other programs to increase their general knowledge. We provide weekly classes to our children where we witness about Jesus. We also conduct regular visits at the homes of the children's families. We exchange ideas with the children's parents about spiritual matters. We listen carefully to their comments, collecting all the feedback, which is very important as we plan our activities. This center is very important for the work of the Gospel. 

Last year, we organized special retreat programs for the children. We also hosted holiday celebrations, during which we preached the Gospel to increase their spiritual knowledge. 

The center is making a great impact in the lives of the children, their parents, and the community at large. I receive a lot of feedback from individuals who benefit from these supports and gifts. When we compare our center's ministry with similar ones in our community, higher results are reflected in ours. 

As our center is just one year old, we haven't started using the My Plan for Tomorrow format for the children yet, but we believe that we will apply it in the coming years, along with training on income-generating skills. 

The child-sponsor letter exchange is very valuable for strengthening their relationship. When the children get letters from their sponsors, the express great happiness. It also helps the sponsor to know about the whereabouts and the condition of the child. Though no sponsor has visited here, so far, we hope some will be able to in the future. We believe that such physical contact will enable them to know and understand each other better and build a familial-type relationship. We invite you to visit us when the possibility arises. 

Dear sponsors, please pray for us to progress in our spiritual understanding, for the development of our country, for the center's work, and for the number of children at the center, and for our faith to increase. 

Finally, I don't have enough words to express my gratitude to you for sponsoring Fetehalew. May God bless you double fold for all your good works toward this center. One of your rewards is the fact that many of our children have accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal savior. Rejoice in it! May you and your family be blessed spiritually, financially, and in all other areas for all your years of life on earth. May God bless your country too! I will keep praying for you. 

God bless you,
Muluken Abate


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