Saturday, February 20, 2016

Love from Rwanda

Today, I received a nice letter from Kwizera. He's never been a chatty guy, but he does share some important facts. I'm guessing that as he gets older, he'll get better at sharing details in written form. It's great to watch our kids learn as they grow, isn't it?

Kwizera is 10 years old and lives in Rwanda. His letter is dated November 23rd, 2015.


Dear My Parent, 

I greet you in Jesus Christ's name. We are doing good. We have rain here. We are in 2nd term in school. Last term, I was 10th out of 74. I will join Primary 6 soon. My family loves you a lot and prays for you to be blessed. We also have children vacation camp. My family wishes you a lucky year in 2016. My family and I are glad for your letters. Thank you a lot. 



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