Friday, August 28, 2015

The Loss of Fongwin

Today, I got one of those dreaded phone calls from Compassion. When I saw their number on my phone, I almost didn't answer it, just because phone calls are usually not a good sign. But, I knew that if I didn't answer it, they'd most likely leave a vague message and I would just have to call them back.

Sadly, the news wasn't good. My correspondent child, Fongwin, from Thailand, was cancelled by his financial sponsor. At this time, I am unable to pick him up as a sponsored child, though I would have loved to. I have written to him since March 2013 and had developed a really great relationship. He is just about to enter into his teen years in a few months and it would have been great to continue to encourage him.

With as many children as a write to, this was the first child I've lost because their financial sponsors drop them. I've had other kids leave for other reasons, but I've never had the option of taking over their sponsorships. It's sad to have to say that I can't do it.

So, I say farewell to Fongwin. I will continue to pray for him. Maybe we'll meet again someday.


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  1. I'm sorry for your loss. What you have given him will not be wasted. It will have a lasting affect.