Monday, August 3, 2015

First Letter of the Year from Abu

Mail from Abu has been super slow, recently! But, honestly, that was to be expected. Abu lives in Sierra Leone, which I'm sure you've been hearing about in the news lately. Sierra Leone was the country hit the hardest by the Ebola epidemic. Governments instated curfews that people had to be home by each day and schools were closed, indefinitely. All children in Sierra Leone, essentially, are an entire year behind in their education now. As you can imagine, mail delivery was greatly affected, as well. I have been sending letters to Abu, of course, but with no idea if the letters had been getting to him. After reading Abu's letter, it seems that he wasn't getting all, or even most, of them.

Abu is 13 years old.


Dear Kayla, 

Abu-Bakarr, with his family, thanks you very much for your support. It's been so long without seeing your letter. Ebola has gone and they are now attending school. All schools have opened again. 

His birthday party was alright and he has good health. They have started classes and he said that you are very special to him and his family. May the Lord bless you, Kayla. 

The 10th of May, 2015 made him 13 years old and his very proud to start Junior Secondary School very soon. Thank you for all your support given. 

Your Child, 


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