Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Favorites from my Colombian Boys

Man, I love my little Colombian guys. In the past, I always said that I would never want to have two kids at the same center, but it turns out, I love it! My two boys know that I write to both of them and while they haven't mentioned it before, I hope that they talk to each other and spend time together at their project.

I always receive letters from them on the same day, of course, as they both write on their project's letter writing day. One of my boys is young enough to still write on templates and the other one isn't, but they both write on the same topics. It's interesting to see how that works out. I wonder, as they both get older, if they will be given more freedom in their writing, or if they will still write on a specific topic, set by their tutors.

Anyway, I'll share Jonatan Caleb's first. He is 7 years old. He wrote this letter on May 26th, 2015.


Dear Kayla, 

Best greetings! 

My Favorite Bible Story: David's 
What I Know to Do Best is: Playing
My Favorite Sport Is: Soccer
My Favorite TV Shows Are: Samson & Delilah, Joseph, Daniel, The Creation (I don't think he understood the question)
The Month of the Year I Like Best Is: April 
Because: It is the children's month, our month. 

Jonatan writes to you and greets you! I am very well! I know you will reach your dream! Someone told me about a child who had an accident and it was so sad. I want to thank you for the clothes that you sent me. I thank you for your letter with the photos. It is so lovely to learn from you and it is something really special! 

I would love you to help me to pray that God blesses my entire family and that God keeps protecting me and helping me. I say goodbye with lots of hugs and kisses. I am fond of you! This is the bible verse I have to share with you, Psalm 128:4. Blessings! 

Jonatan Caleb


Now, a variation on the same letter from Daniel. He is 10 years old.


Hello my dear sponsor! I write to you and greet you! 

I want you to know about my preferences. My favorite bible story is Daniel in the lion's den. What I know to do best is singing. My favorite sport to play is soccer. My favorite TV channels are TNT and Animal Planet. The month of the year that I like best is June because it is my birthday month. To answer your question, yes, I accepted the Lord into my heart! It was when they took me to a service in the center. At that time, the pastor was praying for people and called people to give their heart to the Lord and I went in front and since that time, God received me. I want to thank you for such lovely letters that you have sent me and such a lovely present. I send you a verse with great fondness, Psalm 34:7. I say goodbye with lots of fondness and hugs. 



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