Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Letters to My Kids: June and July 2015

For some reason, I seem to always forget to post about the letters that I write to my kids, so they end up in clumps. Oh well. I like to have them on my blog for record-keeping sake and to give other people ideas, if they may like to use them.

In June, I wrote about the summer camp that my church did for the elementary school kids. I, personally, did not attend this camp, but I heard a lot of fun stories from the kids and the leaders. It seems everyone had a great time and learned a lot of Jesus.

Every July, my church holds a Vacation Bible School for kids aged Preschool-5th grade. It's my all-time favorite week of the entire year and I look forward to it every summer. Unfortunately, this summer was the last VBS I will work as church staff, but I fully intend on volunteering for years to come. 

My sponsored kiddos hear about VBS every year and I think they really seem to like to hear about the topics that the children learned about over the week. 

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  1. What fun topics!! Our kids like writing to us when they attend VBS or camp, so I bet the loved hearing about your church's activities!