Thursday, March 27, 2014

Gift News from Florenc

In December, I was able to send Florenc and his family and financial gift. I received a letter and a picture back about what they were able to receive. Florenc used the money to buy groceries for his family.


My Dear Friend!

I was so glad for the gift you sent me from America. I bought so many necessary things with the money you sent me. I am glad that you remember me and you always surprise me. I was so happy and I hope you never forget me. This has been a very prosperous year for me and I hope you have a great time too. 

I had a great time for the New Year. I spent it home with my family. The most beautiful gift from God was the fact that I spent the New Year at home with my family. I didn't go anywhere, but I stayed home with my family. There is nothing better than being with your family. It it a habit for us to light fireworks at 12:00. I didn't have many, but I had enough. How about you? How did you spend the New Year? 

This is my last year at school. I am so scared of the exams. (This absolutely concerns me. Florenc is 14 years old and will turn 15 in July. In poor families in Albania, boys often leave school at 15 to go work for their families. I don't want this to happen to Florenc. This came as quite a shock. I could lose my boy in just a few months.) 

I was so happy for the New Year because my mother was with me, but now she is at the hospital for some cures. 

Enough with me, how about you? How are you doing? Are you feeling well? Winter is here. I like winter very much especially when it snows. Do you like the snow? 

I am so happy that you remember me every month. I hope to meet you one day! 


He sure does look like a grown-up, doesn't he? 



  1. He does look very grown up! What a blessing for his family to buy groceries! : )

  2. He does look so grown up! And, yes, that is startling how he would just state that this is his last year at he's decided to leave :( I hope that is not the case for his sake.

    1. If he is indeed leaving school, I would say that he did not decide to. It's often a family forcing a young man to leave school so they can work. Right now, his mother cannot work because of her health and his father only works occasionally. I would say it's definitely needed. I really don't want to see that happen, though.

  3. Kayla,
    That gift was such a blessing for the family. I knew nothing about Albania until this blog. I never knew food was so scarce and costly there because everything grows there. Poor Florenc, I know he wishes his mother could be healed. I hope and pray he does not have to leave school so soon, but it sounds like he has already been told he will.
    I do hope you get to meet him someday.

  4. He does look grown up!! I love the photo. Will you be able to write to him even if he is done with school?? I know it's so hard to say goodbye.