Thursday, March 13, 2014

Kalpesh Went to Camp!

I remember summer church camp being one of my favorite things when I was younger. Granted, I didn't start attending a youth group/church regularly until I was in high school. But still, summer camp was awesome! It was often a week or two away away from everything that was distracting me (family, friends, electronics, city noise, etc). It was, with my church, depending on the season and year, either time spent in snow covered woods, a warm lake, or a beautiful, sun-lit beach. Regardless of the location, this was a place for me to have some alone time, as well as group time, with God. It was a time for me to do fun activities, sing worship songs, compete against others, and eat horrible camp food. At the end of the day, we also learned about God's word and had time to reflect on what it all meant to us. Just wonderful.

That is why I was so happy when I got this letter from Kalpesh and hearing that he got to experience church camp for himself. I can't tell from the letter if it was an overnight camp, or just a one day camp, but it doesn't matter. It sounds like he had a great time! I can't wait to write him a letter back and maybe start a dialogue about camp. I fully intend to tell him about my camp memories.

Kalpesh is 11 years old and lives in India. This letter was written January 4th, 2014.


Dear Sister Kayla, 

Greetings to you in the great name of Jesus Christ from me and my uncle's family. I received your letters and I'm happy to hear about the climatic condition of your place, your work, and to see your photographs and other pictures. Thank you so much for everything. Here by the Lord's grace and your prayers I am doing fine. My school is also going on well.

I would like to tell you about Sunday school camp which I attended in the month of November 2013. It was a really great experience for me, because it's the first time I have attended such kind of camp. And there were more than 1,000 children participated in it. We learnt God's word and lots of new things and enjoyed a lot in it. From our project, there were 45 children participating in camp. We participated in singing competition and and cultural program and we got first price in the dance competition. Another thing in the same month there was a inter-project sports meet. Our project took part and our project was 2nd in the sports meet. I got first place in shot-put and long jump. Really, our teachers are working hard for us. Keep praying for our project. I wish you a very happy and prosperous new year. Take care. 

In Christ's Love, 



  1. What a great letter - I love that he's able to participate in such fun and meaningful events!

  2. How fun!!!! Our boy in east India also writes about going to camp. It's so fun to hear about their experiences and to know that Compassion is providing them with this opportunity!!

  3. Kris R (georgedarling)March 19, 2014 at 12:06 PM

    How nice Kalpesh got to go to camp, with 1000 kids, oh my! He looks really proud in his new picture. I miss him letter bombing you before the new writing schedule started. He is a really great kid!