Monday, March 10, 2014

Twice the Love from Uganda!

Today I opened my mailbox to see a few cream colored envelopes peeking out at me. Not a bad way to end a Monday, I must say.

Both letters were first letters from my newest correspondents from Uganda. I've been corresponding with them for over 5 months now, but these are their first letters. It was certainly a long wait, but totally worth it. They are both great letters.

First up, is my letter from Derrick. Derrick is 11 years old and in 6th grade. He wrote a few sentences himself at the beginning of this letter, but I can tell that he struggles with handwriting and spelling. I will type out exactly what he wrote and then I will share what his tutor wrote on his behalf.

This letter is dated December 19th, 2013


Alex: Dear Kayla, how are you? Ayon gave the bought clothes for Christmas money then kyon of that money. I dromotep (promoted, the p and d are both written upside down) to 6th grade. I wish you a happy new year and x-mas. 

His Tutor: Your beloved child has tried to write to you. He is asking that how are you? For him he is fine and family members are also fine. 

He says thank you so much for the Christmas gift you sent him. He bought the following: trousers & shirt, rice, pancakes. May God bless you so much. He thanks you for writing to him and sending him beautiful photos of you and your sister, Jordan. He says thanks for asking him questions and wanting to know more about his family and community. He responds to your questions. He says their house is made of bricks and roof is iron sheets and floor is made of mud. He their home he lives with his father called Isimbwa and mother called Jolly, brother Ricky and sister-cousin Jackline. He sleeps on his bed and mattress given to him by the project. They get water from the well. They don't have electricity, they use a lamp which uses parafin. 

Most people in his community dig and grow food like rice and beans. Others are tailors, officers, and business people that sell food and clothes. People in Uganda use taxis, bicycles, motorcycles, others walk. His best meal is rice and meat, millet bread, and beans with cassava. 

Compassion helps the community by training them on topics like nutrition, HIV & AIDS, and so on. It provides sponsored children with items like mattresses, blankets, bibles, soap, and scholastic materials. 

He loves to play football and going to school. He says yes, he loves children. He concludes by wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 


Next is a letter from Brenda. Brenda is 14 and is 7th (maybe 8th by now) grade. She has beautiful handwriting and writes in English. 

This letter is dated January 31st, 2014


Dear Kayla, 

I am greeting you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. How are you and how is your family? Back to me, I am okay. 

We are receiving both rainfall and sunshine. We are planting Irish potatoes and harvesting maize and beans. I pray for you every day and you pray for me. I go to church every Sunday. I am in bible class and choir and I am the one who is choir leader. I like singing and I like children very much. In my home we don't have electricity. My house is built out of tree poles and I live in my home with my father and my mother and my grandmother and my grandfather. They are greeting you so much. They are praying together in our home. We are eating Irish potatoes and beans. 

Here, I have a verse, John 11:35. It says, "Jesus wept." It teaches me that Jesus wept because of our sins. 

Thank you for sending me the letter. May God bless you. 

Yours Faithfully,


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  1. What lovely, informative letters!!! That's so nice that Derrick's tutor helped write so you could learn more. And how sweet that Derrick wrote a little on his own!! Brenda sounds like such a mature young lady. I'm so glad that you can corespond with them!!