Saturday, March 22, 2014

Letter Love from Albania

I heard from two of my Albanian boys on Friday. My oldest, Florenc and my youngest, Domenik. I just love these guys.

Florenc's letter is short, as most are, but full of good details, like usual. I really feel for this kid. He's 14 and really has such a rough life. His family is barely getting by when it comes to money. His mother has struggled with kidney disease for years and is gradually getting worse. In this letter, I learned that she really is getting worse. I can just tell in each letter that Florenc does not handle his mother's sickness too well. I can't imagine how hard it must be for him.


My Dear Friend, 

I was very pleased to receive two letters from you. I am glad for your wonderful family! You looked very nice in the picture and I am very glad you had a good time during Christmas. 

I spent Christmas and the New Year only with my brother wondering about my mother's health because she was hospitalized. She was very ill and has severe problems with her kidneys. 

The month of January has been very cold with snow and rain and my house is very cold. 

I like very much when I sit and write to you. I wish we were friends for many years. Thank you for the Real Madrid hat. 


I love you my friend Kayla


 My letter from Domenik is very sweet. I have my assumptions that Domenik's family is Christian (mainly because he's wearing a cross necklace in his original photo) but this letter confirmed that. Yay for them! I got to learn several things about Domenik is this letter. 

I hope he gets his bike! 


Hello my dear Kayla!

It is a long time since I got your last letter and I am glad to hear from you. (I write him every month. I suppose that is a long wait for such a small boy). Firstly, I would like to ask you how you spent New Year's Eve? I had a wonderful feast. I was happy playing with the toys you sent me in November and the ones that my mother bought for me. She also sent me to the park with my sister and my aunt. We had a lot of fun together. How did you spend your holidays? I hope you to have a prosperous and happy year for you and your family and the world. My big desire that I ask God and Jesus Christ is to give health and happiness to people all over the world. (What a little humanitarian!) He it is winter and in the mountains it has snowed. Here in Durres, it rains a lot. We have got cold weather here until March, when it is my birthday. I am impatiently waiting for spring to come firstly, because it is my birthday on the 27th of March and secondly, because my parents told me that if I get high results at school, they will buy me a bicycle. 

Love from your little brother. To my older sister. I send you a lot of hugs my dear sister. 




  1. awww what a sad way to spend Christmas. Poor Florenc

    and perhaps he doesn't get his letters every month... I write to Esperance every month but she writes back like every 3 or 4 months and comments on how she got 5 or 8 letters at once, so I think they only pick up the mail every few months there... maybe the same here? Hope he gets his bike and love the "little brother" thing :)

    1. I know. With Florenc, I am constantly wishing there was something more I could do for him. I can't think of anything short of visiting him and telling him on special and wonderful he is. I wish there was a way I could do that.

      I didn't think of it like that, he probably does get his letters in bulk, so it seems like a long time when he doesn't get any. I hope he gets his bike too!

  2. Dominik's letter was so sweet...I love his heart for God!! And I can't imagine what Florenc is going through.... That must be so hard. We just heard from our boy in Bolivia that his brother has kidney disease... I so wish we could provide these folks with our medical options here.