Sunday, March 16, 2014

A Day of Volunteering + A Cream Colored Envelope = A Pretty Great Saturday

Yes, I agree, that title is a little silly. But, I couldn't find a better way to sum up my wonderful day yesterday. I spent the entire day (9:00 a.m - 7:00 p.m) volunteering at the Compassion table of my favorite event of the year, which is the Hearts at Home conference. This year was my 3rd year volunteering for this event. It's a conference for moms from around the country, and it just so happens to meet in my city, which is so cool! This year, there were just under 4,000 moms that attended. The attendance was lower this year, for whatever reason, but I know they typically expect about 5,000 women to attend. Maybe people looked at the weather forecast in Illinois and said, "No way!".

Either way, I enjoyed working the table just as much as I always do. A family that has worked the table in past years was there again this year, so it was very nice to see them again. There were two college aged girls there who were just so excited to be there. The Compassion rep that was there was one of the Compassion artists. He's a relatively new musician, named Eric Parker. He's totally a great guy, very friendly. I checked out his music and you should totally check it out. He currently have five songs out on his EP album and I highly recommend them. I bought them on iTunes when I got home. Here's a link to his music page: Eric Parker Music. 

At the end of the day, 122 children found sponsors! We did discuss how that's about 80 less sponsored children than in past year, but in the end, that is still 122 children whose lives will be forever changed!

I call that a successful day.

When I got home about 7:30 p.m, I came and crashed on the couch, ready to have some time away from people and just rest. Then, I remembered that I hadn't gotten the mail today, so I dashed back up the stairs to the mailbox. Inside, was one lone envelope, but it was the best envelope there is; a letter from one of my sponsored kids.

This time, it was a letter from my boy Nikko, in the Philippines. Nikko is 15 years old and this letter was written on January 2nd, 2014.


Dear Kayla,

Hi, hello! How are you there? Thank you for your letter. I was blessed reading it and looking at the clear picture of the pumpkin and apple. How I wish I could go there. (I sent him some pictures of a farm I visited in the fall) 

I live now with my auntie for my mother got married. I live at my auntie's house, which is still unfinished. It is wooden built and has bamboo flooring. I live together with my auntie and cousins. I'm lying on the floor in sleeping. I don't have any room. How many rooms does your house have? We don't have electricity and our source of light is lamps. We are buying water in our neighborhood. Most of our neighbors are selling in the marketplace and some are construction workers. We be riding jeepnys or motorbikes and sometimes be walking. Compassion has helped us financially, lessons about God, and health care. In our project we're 140 children who are registered. What I like best in the project are the activities that we have like kids camp, retreat, sports activities, and studying God's word. Most often, we eat rice, fruits like mango, and vegetables like eggplant. My studies are going better. I'm now in grade 8. 

Thank you for the Christmas gift. I bought some new shoes, a toothbrush, and fruit. Thank you for caring for me. 

Please pray that I could continue my studies well. God bless you all and more blessings. 




  1. :( I feel bad for him sleeping on the floor with no space and his mum not with him anymore...

    1. I do feel bad that he sleeps on the floor, too. But, I didn't think about "room" meaning "space", like you did. I took it as he doesn't have a bedroom. I only thought that because he then asked me how many rooms I have in my home. But, I think that your interpretation may be right. Poor guy.

  2. That's great news about all those kids being sponsored!!! I love volunteering too. Nikko's letter was really eye-opening. I'm glad that at least his aunt is providing for him! And I'm glad he receives support through your letters.