Saturday, March 1, 2014

Christmas Celebrations with Khushi

Yesterday, I received a wonderfully long letter from Khushi, who lives in India. Khushi writes her letters in English and in just about the most beautiful penmanship that I've ever seen. It's just perfect. She is a very smart girl and does very well in school.

Khushi is 10 years old. Her letter is dated December 21st, 2013. As of today, it has now been 22 months since her last photo update, so I am eagerly awaiting that new photo. I wonder what she looks like now.


Dear Sponsor Kayla,

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord. I am doing well. We hope you are also well. I wish you a merry Christmas and joyful New Year 2014. I had a wonderful Christmas at the project. We played new games that we learnt from guests, who also taught us a Christmas message. In November, I participated in cultural program and annual sports day. I had fun and enjoyed a lot with my friends. I want to thank you so much for your letter I received from you. I learnt many great things about you and yes, it is our anniversary soon. It is December 26th. I am very happy and blessed meeting you. I am careful about school and things that you taught me. This is winter, it's getting colder. We have having Christmas and winter vacation. I love going to project. I am happy that I can play badminton. They also help me to solve math questions. All in my family are doing well. My oldest sister is with her husband and second sister is now in 10th grade in school. We love one another. My mother is so good too. She takes care of family and also brings grass and wood from jungle and fields. I thank God for you. Thank you very much for your love, care, and prayers for me. I am blessed by you. I want to close this letter for now. Goodbye. 

Your Khushi



  1. What a great letter!!! I love how she shared that she plays badminton at the project and gets math help. And I love how she shared about her siblings and what her mother does to care for the family. I hope your Kushi's photo updates soon!!!

    1. I used to love playing badminton at school. It was one of my favorite games in P.E, other than ultimate frisbee. :) I had fun writing her back. I'm also hoping her photo updates soon!