Monday, March 24, 2014

Fruit and Gift Bags

Over the past few days, I've received two letters. I had an extremely busy and eventful weekend, so I wasn't able to post the letter I received on Saturday right away. This letter was from my girl Sagitaria, in Indonesia. In seems that Indonesia got some new stationary and I love it! It's so colorful and beautiful. It shows a variety of fruit that the country is known for. Each fruit has a small description of what it looks like and tastes like. The only one that I have heard of and tried is the Rambutan. I tried it in Honduras, but it was called a lychee. Actually, now that I think of it, they may be completely different fruits, but they look the same to me.

Anyway, Sagitaria wrote me a brief letter and then drew me some pictures of other fruits. In response to her letter, I drew her a picture of various fruits that I like to eat. I had fun drawing it, even if I'm not the best artist out there.

Sagitaria is 10 years old. This letter is dated January 20th.


Dearest Kayla, 

Shalom, Mami Kayla. How are you? My family and I are fine and well. Mami, whenever I want to have a medical checkup, I go to the project. My last one was on Nov. 14th, 2013. A doctor came to see me. I felt great at the time to find that I am well. He suggested me to have enough rest and to stay healthy because that is important. 

Thank you, Mami, for the letter I got and read. May Lord Jesus bless us all. Amen. 



In January, a man on the Compassion Facebook page offered to take gifts for sponsored children with him to Kenya. I was very excited to be able to send a gift to my young man, Karanja, there. It is always fun to pick out items for a child and not have to worry about it being made out of paper. :) 

This letter is dated January 1st, but I know that's not correct, because the trip was later on in the month. He wouldn't have been able to write the letter about receiving the gift before the tour even got to the country. Unless he's a psychic. :) 

Anyway, Karanja is 14 years old.


Dear Kayla, 

How are you? I hope that you are fine with your family. 

I am very happy to hear from you. When I receive a letter from you it feels good and I become very excited. I don't always see my nephews and nieces often, but only when I go visiting them. Our first born has most children as compared to the others. Here in Kenya the weather is sunny. 

I received the gift which you sent me, which had three pencils, two pens, a sharpener, two toy cars, crayons (colored pencils), a playing ball, and a t-shirt. Thank you so much and may God bless you. 

Francis Karanja


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  1. Sagitaria's drawing is so fun!!! And how neat that you received confirmation if Francis receiving your gift!!