Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Xhuliano's Birthday Gift

My wonderful boy Xhuliano in Albania will turn 12 years old on December 26th.

Check out this handsome guy!

Since I sponsor Xhuliano through World Vision, I am able to send him anything I can think of, as long as it's appropriate. I don't do it often, because shipping is expensive, but it's nice to not be restricted to paper items only, on occasion.
Here's the gift I am sending to Xhuliano:
A frog t-shirt, color your own Cars stickers, animal stickers, birthday card, and two pieces of decoratives paper. All of the paper items went into the Happy Birthday bag.
I can't wait for him to receive this package. I know he's going to love it! 


  1. That looks brilliant! That's the one major thing that I prefer about World Vision. Have you sent your WV kids clothing before, and had confirmation that they received it? I ask as I've sent my boy a couple of football kits, I'm not sure yet if he got them or not. I really hope so!

    1. I have gotten confirmation! In fact, the socks that Xhuliano is wearing in the picture are socks that I sent him! And in Abu's latest picture, he's wearing the tennis shoes that I sent him. It's pretty cool to see kids in other places in the world wearing things I sent them. It warms my heart!

  2. Love the t-shirt! I'm sure Xhuliano will love the gift!!! I really enjoy being able to send birthday gifts to the kids. :) My Indian girl just sent me a letter saying how excited she was to receive her birthday gifts that I sent back in July. :) So cool.

    Gonna have to start thinking about Christmas goodies soon too!

    Also, speaking of World Vision, have you ever called them and inquired about your child's sponsor history? I did today and got some very interesting info, to say the least. One of my girls had a sponsor for 8 years straight, and another one has had two different sponsors! In fact, three of my kids have had previous sponsors. Just very interesting stuff, and kinda sad too. :(

    1. Sending Christmas goodies was quite low for me this year. Instead, I sent a financial gift to each of my WV boys. It cost significantly more money, but I felt like it was the right thing to do. I wanted to bless their whole families for Christmas. However, birthdays are all about my boys.

      I have not called about my WV kids previous sponsor history. I haven't called about my Compassion kids either. For some reason, I choose to not know about thier past, but I'm not sure why. I feel like I'm just knowing that I love them and that we are moving forward together.

      However, I know that I am Abu's first and only sponsor. I've been sponsoring him for almost five years, since he was almost 6 years old.