Saturday, October 20, 2012

Albanian Mail Call!

I got two letters from Albania today, one from each of my boys there. I just love these boys. Xhuliano is so open, loving, and sweet. Florenc is more serious and to the point, very thankful and respectful.

Two different personalities. Equal love.

I'll share Florenc's with you first. Florenc is 13 years old. He has the most awful handwriting, which I suppose is typical for a teenage boy, haha. Florenc's mother is essentially dying from kidney failure and needs a transplant. I called WV to look into the surgery and it was cost around 25,000 USD due to having to travel out of the country to have the surgery. I know there is no way I can help financially. Florenc also needs surgery due to "exteras bubalae" in his nose, which are essentially blockages that make it hard for him to breathe. This poor family. Also, WV is sending him a bible on my behalf. It seems like he knows that it's coming now!

 Here's the letter:


My dear sponsor Kayla,
This is Florenc writing to you. Now, I can say that know you much better and this is due to our constant correspondence. I would like to thank you so much for the support you give to me. Thank you for caring about my family and me as well. I am not doing very well though because my mother just had a surgery from her kidneys and she is not feeling very well.
I have a little brother and both of us have started the school. I am on 8th grade and my brother is on 6th grade. I am doing just fine at school, however, I have to do some chores in the house to help my mother. My parents are both unemployed and I have problems with the exteras bubulae in my nose and the doctors said I need to have surgery.
My mother needs a kidney transplant, even though our economic situation is not very good.
I am so much looking forward for your bible to come!
Thank you so much for the respect you show for my family and me!
Lots of honor and respect from Florenc and family!
Xhuliano's letter is a response to a letter I sent him. I listed a whole slew of questions about his school for him to answer. I told him not to worry about answering all of them if he got to bored or there were too many questions. He answered that part of the letter so sweetly! Everything this boy says is so sweet.
Here's his letter:
Dear my wonderful friend,
I was very happy to receive your letter again. I can't wait for school to start. I start school on 10th September. I'm going to buy my bag, shirt, books, school tools, etc. I go to school by foot and it's 20 minutes from my house, but it's a bit difficult to pass the street. Even here, the school lasts 6 hours. Last year, I went to school in the afternoon, but this year I go in the morning. I have plenty of friends. My best friend is Klajdi, who lives near my house, but even my cousin Redjon, with who I go to school every day. I like to ride the bike, but I take Klajdi's one because I don't have a bike. We are 28 students in class and our teacher's name is Eni.
No, I don't get bored from your questions. I like when you ask me about different things. I get happy when I read all the things you say for me. Thank you with all of my heart, my dear friend. I wish you a good school year.
With love and hugs from Xhuliano
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  1. Xhuliano has a cousin Redjon? I wonder if his cousin is my Redion?! I know the j makes the y sound in Albanian, so it could be another way to spell the name!

    1. Who knows?! That would be cool if they were. I could write to him and ask if his cousin's sponsor is you. I wonder if that would be weird.

  2. Today must be the day for Albanian mail! I got three from my Albanian girl, Bronilda, today.

    I feel so sorry for Florenc's family's health situation. I'll say a pray for them.

    1. Thank you so much for your prayers, they truly mean a lot. I have been praying for them and I will continue to pray for healing for both Florenc and his mom.

      I am so happy you got letters! There definitely must have been a mass mailing.

  3. What sweet letters! I'll keep Florenc and his family in my prayers.

  4. Both letters are so sweet - I love how Florenc ended his - "lots of honor and respect".

  5. What sweet letters! You have such good writers.

    I feel bad for Florenc and his family. It is encouraging he is so looking forward to receiving the Bible. Lots of prayers for this family.

  6. Hey there, is this your one and only blog or you in addition to that have others?