Monday, October 22, 2012

Letter from Eric's Pastor

Through Compassion, several projects have the pastors at the local church write a letter to the sponsors of children in that community. These letters talk about what life is like for the kids and the families in this area. The letters are very interesting and sometimes shocking to read.

Only three of my nine Compassion children have letters from their pastors. I'm going to share all three of these letters over time, whenever I'm feeling the need for a little bit of filler.

Today is one of those filler days and I would like to share the letter from Eric's project in Uganda. Because I'm such a lover of pictures, I searched google to find some pictures to put some visuals to some of the things his pastor said.

Dear Sponsor,
Receive greetings and love from Kisoro, Uganda, in the name of Lord Jesus Christ, our Redeemer.
My name is Rev. John. I am the pastor of St. John's Church of Uganda in the Muganza parish and I am the overseer of Compassion's Child Sponsorship program at our Muganza Child Development Center. It is here that I minister to your sponsored child. I would like to extend my deep appreciation to you for the love, support, and prayers you extend to your sponsored child. May God richly bless you.
Through our sponsors support, our program is making a great impact in the lives of our children. Of our currently registered children, 272 are sponsored, with 9 children still waiting to be sponsored.
Children who come to the center here at our church are very excited to be in the program because some of them come from broken families, child-headed homes, and others suffer from malnutrition. Some of the children live on less than a dollar a day.
Some children live in very small and crowded homes where you find a family of eight living in a small mud wattle hut with poor ventilation. Conditions in these homes are unsanitary and a number of children suffer from skin diseases like rashes, respiratory diseases, and other poverty related diseases.
My center workers and teachers have devoted themselves to these children; they truly love them and know each by name. They are truly good stewards of the work that God has entrusted onto them.
Among the things we teach the children are health, hygeine, and good behavior. In addition to that, we also supplement what they learn from the school curriculum, especially for the academically weak children. Above all, we teach them about Jesus, their ressurected Lord. We also pray for each individual child and conduct bible classes. This is done according to age groups.
During the past 10 years of our ministry, about 75 of our children have confessed Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Many family members have been attending our church services in large numbers.
My vision is to touch this community with the love of Jesus and to bring healing to the community that is devastated by scurge of HIV and AIDS. I feel blessed to be a part of this ministry of children.
We also trained children in many skills, ranging from spiritual and economic. Among spiritual things, we have programs such as leading services in the church, reading bible lessons in the church, and leading others in their daily devotions. And economically, we teach them skills like carpentry, knitting, bricklaying, basket making, and tailoring.
I would like to assure your that your support and the encouraging letters you send mean a lot. Letters, photos, and gifts make the sponsored child feeled loved, valued, and very special.
Please continue to pray for your sponsored child and please pray for us here at the center as we continue to help these children grow into healthy and responsible Christian adults, who will become future leaders tomorrow.
Thank you very much for being a faithful partner in this ministry. May the almighty God of love continue to shine upon you, now and always.
Yours in Christ Jesus,
Pastor John
To sponsor a child in Uganda and a make a wonderful difference in their lives today: Go here to view children in Uganda waiting for sponsors.

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