Monday, October 29, 2012

Fantastic Letter From Abu!

I opened my mailbox today and saw that famous World Vision orange in there! I saw Abu's ID number on the front and started jumping down the stairs to my apartment. I love reading letters from this sweet boy!

Dear Kayla,
Abu and his grandmother received the bright, lovely photos you sent for him with the letter.
They thanks a lot and always remember you in their prayers.
His grandmother says she has never seen the clarinet before and likes the photos of you and your two friends standing with the instruments in your hands.
Abu loves music, only that he has not been able to get any musical instruments. He joins his friends to sing and dance to praise God.
His grandmother and her friends have a set of drums which they play occasionally to praise and worship God and sometimes at death ceremonies.
Abu has gone back to school after the long holidays. He is happy to be back to school to meet new and old friends.

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  1. I think it's fabulous that his grandmother plays the drum! She sounds like a fun woman, someone who would be good for Abu to live with!