Sunday, October 28, 2012

See Your Impact Results: October 2012

Each month, I donate to an organization called See Your Impact.

With this organization, you donate money to a specific cause. The money goes to one person. When that person receives the item that the money paid for, you are emailed a picture and a story about the person who received the item.

It really is just amazing.

This month, I chose to donate $10 so a person in Uganda could get a mosquito net. The $10 doesn't pay for the whole net, but it allows the person to purchase the net at a severely discounted price, which is still awesome. Here's who I was able to help this month:


Kawesa's children get a net!

Dear Kayla,

Kawesa is a 35-year-old father of four children. He lives in the Bunio Village of Uganda, a village that Uganda Village Project has been working in for the past three years. Kawesa is a carpenter and subsistence farmer while his wife sells vegetables to make ends meet.

When asked why he bought nets, he said, "This season the harvest was good and we had enough money to purchase nets for the children. I have bought nets because this area has many mosquitoes and I want to keep my children from getting bitten by the mosquitoes, as they cause malaria. I am very grateful that UVP and their donors sell nets at a subsidized affordable price. Thank you very much."

Thank you, Kayla, for helping to keep Kawesa's healthy!

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  1. This organization looks really cool, Kayla! I'll have to go take a look. How long does it take to get the photo after you donate?