Tuesday, October 9, 2012

We Did It, Guys!

During the month of September, Compassion International had a Blog Month with the goal of seeing 3,108 children find loving sponsors and get rescued from poverty in Jesus's name.

Having many, many people blog a special assignment each week of September, the word of Compassion spread like wildfire on the internet. If you're not aware, the internet is probably the best way to spread awareness about something, haha.

Well, you guys, we did it!

3,159 children were sponsored in September! We beat the goal by 51 children! And before you start thinking about this as a number, remember that these are children, real children from all over the world. 3,159 children now have a loving sponsor, they have hope, food, water, and will be taught how much they are loved and how important they are in this world.

3,159 children will now know that poverty does not control them.

Along with Compassion's Blog Month, the author of the blog that had the most children sponsored through it, was given a free trip with the Compassion Bloggers in 2013. A fellow blogger, and I would say, a friend of mine (because anybody who loves child sponsorship as much as I do is a friend of mine!), won the trip! So exciting!

Check Out Her Blog Here: Blogging from the Boonies
I also won a prize from one of the weeks. I won $100 to send to my handsome Sagar in India for his family to spend on whatever they need. I can't wait until he receives the money and I get to find out what he bought!
To all of you who sponsored a child in September, or who have sponsored a child. ever, thank you very much. You are changing the lives of children living in poverty everywhere and you're making this world more like God wants it to be. 


  1. Congrats on your prize for Sagar! I'm excited to hear about what he buys with it :)

    1. Me too! I have no idea if they money has been sent yet or not, or how I'm even going to find out when they send it, but I'm just going to keep trusting that it will be sent soon!