Sunday, July 2, 2017

First Sunday Advocate: July 2017

I have a group of kids to share with you today. All of these kids attend the same projects as my kids. All of these kids are age 12 or older. Children this age often have trouble finding and keeping a long-term sponsor, simply because of their age. Are you looking to add a child to your family? One of these older children could really use your encouragement.

Click on the information under each child to visit their page, learn more about them, and sponsor them.

Flavien lives with his grandparents.

Kevin likes to sing! 

Alejandro's caregivers are his mother and his older sister.

Evelyn's favorite sport is basketball!

Chedna has above average grades in school!

Anggi lives with her parents and 3 siblings.

Diane likes listening to Bible stories. 

Keyko lives with her single mother and 3 siblings.

Angel just turned 12 on July 1st!

Samuel has 8 siblings! 

Mayila likes arts and crafts! 

Gawudah has above average grades in school! 

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