Monday, February 27, 2017

Sweet Letters from Sweet Kids

This month really has been wonderful for letters! I have heard from a good majority of my kids this year, so the year is off to a great start.

I have three letters to share with you today.

I will start with a letter from Maria. I have known that Maria doesn't have any siblings, but she lives with one of her cousins. I have never known how old her cousin was, but it appears that she is old enough to be having a baby! Exciting news!

Maria is 12 years old and lives in Brazil. The date on the letter is unclear, but I think it says October 31st, 2016.


Hello Dear Sponsor Kayla, 

How are you? I am doing well and my family is great! Here in the project, everything is fine. We will have a ride to the swimming pool club. All of my friends will be there. It will be fun, God will. He is ahead of everything. I am very happy to get to hear that my cousin is expecting a baby. I am excited for the baby! Thank you for the kind words. I am always happy to get your letters. Thank you for writing to me. I love to hear your news. For your meditation: Psalm 125. 

From Your Sponsored Child, 
Maria Eduarda


Next up, a letter that I was very surprised to receive. I mean, very surprised! It's from Kalpesh! You may know that things in India have not been going well, as far as Compassion is concerned. It has been a year and things have not been settled and projects are going to close down in India on March 15th. Most of the projects have closed down and children haven't been attending, due to lack of funding. I was so happy to hear from Kalpesh. It looks like his project has been able to stay open, at least for the time being! 

Basically, this whole letter is about Kalpesh's favorite game to play. I asked him to describe the game to me. I still don't understand it. Haha! 

Kalpesh is 14 years old. His letter is dated December 7th, 2016. 


Dear Sister Kayla, 

How are you doing? I am very glad to get your letters. Thank you so much for your letters and your precious prayers for us. With me and my family, everything is going on fine. Here, I am trying to give you information about the game Kho-Kho.

Each team is given the opportunity to sit twice and run twice. In all, there are four rounds. Each round is 7 minutes long. A batch of three runners is sent to the ground for running. When the three players become out, a second batch of three runners should enter the ground before giving Kho. 

Skills of Kho-Kho

Skills of the runner: To run with stamina. To run a zig-zag way, dodging, chasing, to play near the pole. 

Skills of the chaser: To give Kho again and again, to run fast, to dive to touch the runner's feet by stretching their hand to catch the runner at the pole, and give Kho at the right time. 

Thanks a lot for giving me the information about Jewish culture in the Bible and about the disciples of Jesus. One thing I've learned from the letter is that Jesus chooses each of us to be his followers. Thank you so much for the Christmas wishes and the imaginary picture of the birth of Jesus. Right now, we are practicing some action songs for the Christmas program. Once again, thanks a lot for your love and prayers for us.  I wish you and your family a very happy Christmas and coming new year from me and my family. 

With Love,


To end, a letter from Brenda. True to form, she always starts out her letters by telling me about the weather in her community. Gotta love consistency. 

Brenda is 17 years old and lives in Uganda. Her letter was written on January 31st, 2017. 


Dear Kayla, 

I am greeting you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. How are you and how is your life? Back to me, I am okay. In my area, we are receiving both rainfall and sunshine. What about in your area? I am thanking your for the letters you sent to me. They were so interesting, encouraging, and amazing. In this year, I am joining Senior 4. I request you to pray for me so that I can pass to A Level in the coming year. I have a memory verse in the Bible to share with you; Acts 17:28. It says that "For in him we move, we live, and have our being." It teaches me that I should live in Jesus Christ will all my heart. God bless you and you requested to hear how I celebrated my Christmas day. I celebrated Christmas with my father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, and my brothers and sisters. We ate meat on Christmas, plus rice and banana. It was all very colorful and amazing. Really, we celebrated it successfully. Now in my country, we are in the season of winter, but even we are receiving sunshine. Otherwise, may God bless you you very much. 



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