Sunday, February 5, 2017

First Sunday Advocate: February 2017 (Older Boy Edition)

A fun twist on an old classic.

Like every month, I am posting children that attend projects that my kids also attend. These children are also waiting for a loving sponsor; somebody to write to them, encourage them, and pray for them. Are you that person?

This month, I am also doing something fun. Due to Compassion's latest update, there is now one global site, instead of several little sites (one for each sponsoring country). With this new global site, each project has A TON of children listed. Like, pages and pages of kids, for most of them. Because there are so many kids, I had to think of a fun way to choose which children would be featured on this page. I decided to choose what would be considered "older boys" to most. These are boy 8 years old or older. These are the children that are typically not chosen first. More often than not, new sponsors are drawn to girls, all ages. Then, they are drawn to the tiny boys, the toddlers and preschoolers that are super cute. The older boys often wait longer and longer for a sponsor.

This will be fun. The name in the parentheses is the child of mine that attends the same project.

Francisco has been sponsored! 

Euris is sponsored! 

Handsome Hans has found a sponsor! 

Haezer has found a sponsor! 

This wonderful young man, Gift, has been sponsored! 

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