Saturday, February 4, 2017

Letters to My Kids: January 2017

The new year got off to bit of a slow start for me. I found myself feeling a bit sluggish and didn't even take my Christmas tree down until January 29th. It's down now, don't worry! 

But, my sluggish behavior led me to only writing on letter to my kids in January, when I typically write two or three letters each month. However, I have already written this month, so my track record should be much better for February. 

Instead of a whole letter, I used Compassion's option to send a greeting card. I chose one of the cards and wrote a short paragraph about the winter weather we have been experiencing. I basically just talked about cold temperatures, snow, and ice. I then included a page of photos of a recent snowfall, so my kids can visualize what I am talking about. 

Here is the card I sent: 

As far as the page of photos go, I am having some difficulties viewing that page on my Compassion account. As I write this post, it is Thursday. I am scheduling this post to post on Saturday. If I can get the photo page to work by then, you'll see the photos here. If not, you'll have to use your imagination of what snow looks like. ;) 

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