Sunday, December 11, 2016

Letters from Rodrigo: Finally!

After waiting over 10 months, letters from Rodrigo have finally arrived! I received two letters within the same week. These letters aren't dated, so I have no idea if they are letters that were written months ago and have finally made it through or if these letters have been written recently. But, I suppose it doesn't matter. I am just so happy to finally be hearing from him, after such a long wait.

Rodrigo is 6 years old, so he writes on templates, and will for a long time. The first letter I will share with you is written on the Festivals and Holidays template.


1. Our national festivals/holidays are: Carnival and winter holidays from school for two weeks. 

2. My favorite National Festival or holiday is: Christmas. 

3. What I like to do on holidays is: Play with my friend Pillin in front of his house. 

4. What I like to do with my family at Christmas is: Play with a ball and with fireworks

5. At church we celebrate Christmas by: I did not attend church on Christmas. 

Hello, my friend, I am Jabez, Rodrigo's tutor. His teacher recommended him to comply with his homework at school. He is now paying attention with his homework. He likes drawing and making riddles. He also participated at his school dancing the Tinku. We ask for prayers for Rodrigo's family. God bless you, with affection. 


The other letter I received was written on a template titled What I Like Best. 


1. What I like best to do with my friends is: Play dots (a popular game)

2. The chore I like best is: Watering the plants 

3. What I like best about the project is: The weekly learning activities because they are very interesting. 

4. What like to do best with my family is: Take a walk to the market. 

Hello friend, I am Jabez, Rodrigo's tutor. Thanks to God, he is in good health. He is taking advantage of his studies. His father is municipal guard. He likes to play with his friends at school. He also plays hide and seek in the street near his home. They take advantage of the trees in the neighborhood. May God bless you. 

Jabez and Rodrigo



  1. Hi Kayla,

    I recently discoverd your blog and I absolutely love it! My family and I have two sponsor kids from Kenya and Peru and we had one from Haiti in the past. In February I became a Correspondent Sponsor too and I feel very lucky that Compassion already assigned two beautiful girls from Ethiopia and Mexico to me. I am thinking about starting a little blog like this one too. You have some many kids, how do you ever keep up with all of their stories?!

    Just wanted to say that I enjoy reading about your kids and it is a great way to get some inspiration once in a while.

    Keep up the good work!

    Love from the Netherlands,


    1. Hi Marielle! I'm glad that you enjoy my blog so much. I know that it isn't everyone's cup of tea, just reading letters from kiddos around the world, but I know to other sponsors, it can be a fun thing.

      To be honest, I have no idea how I am able to keep up with all of these kids' stories and lives, but I am. It's actually quite amazing. Of course, all of these kids didn't come into my life at the same time. I've added them slowly over time (more quickly this year) and gotten to know them. I truly believe that God has put a special talent into my brain to be able to know this many kids. I truly do know about all of my kids' lives and nothing makes me happier.

      If you do make a blog, please stop by again and share it. I love reading blogs of other sponsors. I sometimes am not a very good commenter, but I try!

      Thanks again for stopping by!