Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Kids are Coming and Going

We are only two weeks into December and there have been some big changes in my Compassion family.

On December 1st, my boy Edison graduated from the project. Honestly, I don't know anything about him. I started corresponding with him in March of this year. Due to the changeover in the writing system, I never received a single letter from him. I know absolutely nothing about who he is or what he is planning to do in the future. However, I sure wrote him a lot of letters. My goal was to absolutely overwhelm him with love before he graduated. So, wherever he is headed next in his life, I wish him well!

I lost two other young adults this month, as well. However, these were a bit unexpected. However, after a graduation, the reason for losing them is just about as good a reason as there is for losing a child. Both of these children have had changes in their family's financial situation and no longer need Compassion's help!

 First, I lost Enatenesh, from Ethiopia. She has two older brothers who found good jobs and were bringing in money. Then, Enatenesh herself, completed 8th grade, which is as far as she wanted to study, as she is already 20 years old, found a job in a local shop. I was told that she has dreams of owning her own shop someday. You go, girl! 

My other young man, Taye, also from Ethiopia, no longer needs help. His father found a better job and now makes enough money to support the whole family. Praise God! 

After losing a few kiddos, I was so happy to log onto my account one day and see a brand new name a face! I would like to introduce you to 8 year old Jonathan, from Burkina Faso. Welcome to the family, little guy! I can't wait to get to know you! 


  1. Happy news even though it's sad to see them go.

    Your new little guy is in for a treat!