Friday, November 25, 2016

Looking to Sponsor a Sweet Girl?

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving (for my U.S readers)! After the meal has been eaten and leftovers put away, I hope you took some time to think about what you are thankful for this year.  I know I sure did. Other than the typical being thankful for my family, my friends, and my job, I am also so thankful to have the opportunity to be able to both financially sponsor children and write to many, many children around the world. It is a privilege that I don't take lightly. I am in awe of the blessings of these children every single day. 

If you are reading this blog, I'm sure you feel the same way about your children. If you have room in your family for a new sponsored child or have been searching for a child to sponsor, I encourage you to consider one of the two girls that I will share about in this post. If you aren't in the spot to sponsor financially right now, I encourage you to pray for these girls, that they will find a sponsor soon. 

If you are interested in sponsoring either of these girls, please email me at and I will share the information that you need to sponsor them. 

Both of these girls are currently sponsored by one of my readers, who is no longer in a position to sponsor them. She asked me to post these girls on my blog and I was happy to do so. 

This first precious girl is Anahi. She lives in Ecuador, in a jungle community. These jungle communities in Ecuador often lack even the basic necessities of running water, electricity, shoes, and daily meals. Compassion does amazing work in these communities. 

Anahi is 9 years old. Her birthday is April 5th, 2007. She lives with her father, mother, and sister. She loves to play house, play hide and seek, play with dolls, and go swimming. She also loves animals!

This cutie is Janet. Don't you love her track suit? I think it's adorable! 

Janet is 8 years old. Her birthday is October 5th, 2008. She lives in a rural desert community Mexico.  She lives at home with her grandmother, her mother, and 6 siblings! Her father is living and working in the United States and sending money home to the family. I imagine they don't get to see each other very often. 

I was told that Janet writes wonderful letters and always shares about what she is learning at the project. I think she'll be a blast to get to know through letters! Her current sponsor says that she also has a video of Janet on her account, that she would be happy to show anybody seriously considering sponsoring Janet. 

Remember, if you would like to sponsor either of these girls, please send me an email to the above email address and we'll get you on the road to having them transferred to your Compassion account. 

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