Monday, November 14, 2016

Kiddos Both Small & Big

Another two letters to post today. One from a cute, teeny girl and one from a wonderful, young man.

I'll share the letter from my sweetheart Carolin first. She wrote her letter on the My Friends template form.

Carolin is 4 years old and lives in the Dominican Republic. Her letter is dated September 15th, 2016.


1. An activity I do with my friends are: Eat ice cream

2. My friends names are: Emily, Camila, Sara

3. My best friend is: A girl

4. My best friend is special because: she likes to share

5. I met my best friend at: the center

Dear Kayla, 

May the Lord bless you. Blessings are the wishes of the girl and her family. She says that she is very grateful for all the letters you sent her and that she is fine and happy because her mother had a baby, her little sister. Please pray for the family of the girl. She loves you so much. 


Now a letter from Jhonrex. He's such a great young man. He took several years off of school due to peer pressure and started back up recently, through encouragement by his previous sponsor (my friend Ali) and his tutors at the Compassion project. He is working very hard in school, despite being the oldest, by far, in his class. I am so proud of his effort. 

Jhonrex is 16 years old and from the Philippines. His letter is dated September 10th, 2016. 


Dear Ate Kayla, 

Hello! How are you? I hope you're in good condition together with your family. About me, I am fine and by the way, thank you for sending me letters. I am happy to receive your letters, mostly those with pictures of Ate Ali and of her baby. I am now in 6th grade and hoping to graduate from elementary school in March. Please pray for wisdom from God for my studies. Where did you spend the summer? Did you go to a beach? Thank you very much for reading my letter. Regards to Ate Ali. 



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