Saturday, November 19, 2016

I Love My CO-384 Boys!

Goodness gracious, I love my two boys from CO-384. Don't get me wrong, I love all of my kids, but there is some part of my heart that feels so connected to these two boys, as well as their project. I pray every day that the company that is sponsoring them never cancels their sponsorship, because I would have to find a way to pick up both of them as financial sponsorships and I have no idea how I would swing that. Let's just hope I never have to figure it out. I love companies that sponsor children for the "long haul."

Anyway, I heard from both of my boys this week. It has been 5 whole months since their last letters, which is extremely rare for this project. In the past, I have heard from these boys every two months, like clockwork. I hope it's just that 2016 is a transition year and that things will pick up in 2017.

Both boys wrote about what kinds of things they are learning at their project. Jonatan wrote on a template and Daniel wrote his own letter. I like looking at both letters and seeing the similarities in what they are learning. It's also fun to see the differences in what they are learning, based on their class-specific lessons. Jonatan is in 3rd grade and Daniel is in 5th grade, so they are in different age groups at the project. They also attend project activities on different days of the week.

Up first, Jonatan wrote on the My Project Learning template. This seems to be the very first template that he's written on his own. He checked pretty much every box on the letter, haha. He may need a bit more direction on the next letter. Sweet boy...

Jonatan is 9 years old. His letter is dated September 18th, 2016.


1. In my project, I am learning about: The Bible, Good Behavior, Sharing with Others, Celebrating Birthdays, Camps, Singing, God's Love, Salvation, and Learning to Pray. 

2. Regarding my behavior, I have learned: To respect others, to be grateful, to greet people, and to help elderly persons.

3. My favorite thing to learn about at the project is: When we go out to watch and learn. 

4. About taking care of my body, I have learned: Take a bath, brush my teeth 3 times a day, and washing hands. 

5. About my community, I have learned: No littering, keep the street clean, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and taking care of trees. 

Dear Kayla, 

I kindly greet you, wishing you are well. Thanks you for all your letters with photos and pictures to color. I want to tell you that I have been at my cousin's house, where we played ball and hide and seek. I say goodbye with this Bible text Deuteronomy 6:6-9. 

Until Later, 


Now Daniel's letter. He wrote about the same topic, to a more detailed degree. Daniel is very advanced, intellectually, which I have been able to tell since his very first letter. Even two years ago, his letters were very impressive. This letter confirms what I've thought about his intelligence. It seems he is doing even more excellent in school than I thought. I am so eager to see where this boy heads in the future. 

Daniel is 10 years old. His letter was written on September 21st, 2016. 


Dear Kayla, 

Dear remembered sponsor, I write this letter with the desire to greet you and wish you many blessings from God, my Lord. I want to tell you that at the project, I have learned more about the Bible; about the story of Noah's ark, Daniel in the lion's den, about salvation, God's love, to respect others, to always give thanks, to greet other people, to shower everyday, and keep my clothes clean. I have also learned to not throw garbage in any place, but to reduce, reuse, and recycle it. What I like most to learn to play is the piano and flute. Thanks to God, I am doing very well in my school. I am occupying the 1st place in all my subjects. I am healthy. Would you visit Colombia one day? I want to thank you for the letter you have sent me. You tell me that Chloe hurt her arm. Yes, I will be praying for the request you asked me for. I want to give you the Bible verse Psalm 23. I say goodbye with a hug for you and your whole family. God bless you. 



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  1. Hi Kayla,
    I love reading your posts, but rarely comment. :) Because you know so many people that are heavily involved in Compassion, would you be willing to share stories and pictures of two of my Compassion children that I'm unfortunately having to give up sponsorship for? It is breaking my heart, but financially, I am unable to keep sponsoring them. If you're able to do so, please email me at, and I'll give you further information. Thank you so much.