Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Letters to My Kids: Ocober 2016

So...I may have gone overboard with letters this month, but I just had so much to say. This month, I wrote three letters to all of my children. Some children even got four letters, if I was responding to a letter they wrote me.

Over the first weekend in October, I had my five year college reunion. I spent the weekend during typical Homecoming related activities and seeing my old roommates and friends. It was a fun weekend and it was so fun to write about it to my kiddos!

Even though the new letter writing system has been faster, I still wasn't sure how far ahead I should write Christmas letters. I decided to write them this month, just in case. If my children start writing back that they got their Christmas letters in November, I'll know better when to send them next year. 

Anyway, I used the Christmas card templates that Compassion has provided on their website for my kids.  If you haven't seen the templates, you should really check them out. They are beautiful! The cards come complete with a cove that the child can color, if they want to. There are cards geared for younger children, which I sent to my little ones, but most of my kids are older and got the following card. With the card, I also sent a beautiful photo of the nativity scene, which I found on Google. 

Lastly, I sent each of my children The Father's Love Letter. The letter comes in several languages so I was able to find most of my children's native languages. For those that I couldn't find, I sent the letter in English, hopeful that it will be translated. For those of you that haven't heard of this letter, I encourage you to follow the link above and read the letter. Basically, it is a letter from God, quoting Bible verses, to remind us how much God loves us. 

Sending these letters online was a bit of work, as they are downloaded in PDF files. I had to find an online converter that would change them into jpeg files, so I could upload them. Totally worth the work! I am so excited for my children to receive these letters. 

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  1. This is a great idea. I just sent my kids the Christmas cards last night. I kept forgetting all this month and finally got to it last night. I hope they arrive before Christmas, but if not, it's the thought that counts I suppose!