Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Sweet Florenc

I got another letter from Florenc over the weekend. I'm not sure why I haven't written it out until today, but oh well! Better late, than never right?

Florenc is 16 years old and lives in Albania.


Hello Kayla, 

You're so kind for writing such nice things and for thinking about me. Thank you! 

I hope this year will be a great one for you! From your picture, I could tell that you look great and you have an amazing smile. Gage and Chloe are very sweet kids. I think it's an amazing thing you working with children. I love your job. Do you sometimes feel tired because of your job? 

Talking about school, I can say all is going well. As usual, I have lessons, homework, and exams, especially because it is the end of the semester. 

The weather is gorgeous! The sun shines brightly, even though it is the winter season. However, I like it to be cold and have some snow. 

I think of you all the time because you're such a caring person. I'd like to meet you one day and know you better. I am looking forward to receiving your next letter and hear all of your news. 



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  1. I also have some children who say they like the cold weather. Then they ask me if I also like the cold weather. Nope! lol. I like the heat. The cold weather months are my worst months of the year!!