Monday, March 28, 2016

Project Director Letter: IN-964

Compassion sent out letters written by the project directors and I received them for several of my kids (20 total). I've received them from my sponsored children, as well as correspondent kids that I've been writing to the longest.

It's always great to receive and read these letters. It's wonderful to learn new things about the projects that my kids attend. I also really love the stories each letter shares about specific children in the project. These stories show the success stories that come out of Compassion's program.

I contact Compassion about receiving the letters for my other children, so maybe I will receive the rest at some point. I do wonder how they choose which letters I receive. I am missing letters from kids I've been writing to since late 2013 onward. I think that should be plenty long enough to receive one of these letters. Hopefully I will receive those soon!

Anyway, I will start sharing one letter a week, on Mondays. I'll be posting these with pictures I get from the Compassion site, or just from a random Google search, just to give a little imagery to these letters.

To begin, I will share the letter from IN-964, the project in India that my girl Sadiya attends. This project is located in an urban slum and many people live in deplorable conditions. I am so grateful for Compassion intervening in the lives of these children.


Dear Kayla, 

Greetings to you in the holy name of our God! 

I am M. and I work as the Center Director of the Child Development center in New Delhi, India, where your sponsored child attends. First of all, we extend our heartfelt thanks to you for your generous support of Sadiya. This is a great relief for the parents because they are heavily burdened to look after the development of their children with their meager income. Most of the parents are migrant laborers living in rented accommodations. Because of the work of this center, we can see a great transformation in the lives of children. Here, every child is given equal opportunity for development. Thank you so much for your sponsorship. May God bless you abundantly for your generosity. 

God has done many miracles in our center. The children's lives have transformed tremendously. Here is a story of a girl, aged 15, who desperately needed help when she first joined our program. After coming to the center, her life has transformed. Today she attends the church regularly and is very active in church activities. She teachers other children from the Scriptures and is a leader for Sunday school children. She is well versed in the Scriptures and knows many songs. Seeing her behavioral changes, her parents are very proud that they sent their daughter to this center. She is a visible example of how God is rewarding our work. 

Here is another story of a child. She was reluctant to adjust to the teaching of our center. Now she is very interested in learning the Scriptures and regularly attends Sunday school and other church activities. She is very active in her studies also. Sometimes she brings her mother to the church. There is a vast change in her life and in her family. They, as a family, have a deep bond with the center and are thankful for the center and for the girl's sponsor. 

Regarding the letters, they help the sponsors and the children  to establish and renew their bond. Through their communication the children and the sponsors understand each other. When the child knows that there is somewhere who cares for him, he becomes very happy. 

In the past year, two families were given food items through a Complementary Intervention fund. This endeavor helped those two families immensely in their poor conditions. They are earning only a small amount by which they are unable to meet their growing needs. 

Personally speaking, I am encouraged and blessed to continue with this center because I see that many children, despite their background, grow in their knowledge of God. 

Finally, I would like to request your prayers that God will bless us to have place of our own for this center. At this time, we are running on rented premises. Also, pray that God will keep us secure in this area. Pray that our children will be a channel of blessing wherever they are. Once again, we thank all of you for your burden for the children for very poor backgrounds. We are very much indebted to all of you. Thank you again for sponsoring Sadiya. God bless. 




  1. Thanks for posting yours!! I just love these letters and the inside look it gives to the project and the kids' communities and struggles.

  2. Yay for project letters!! Can't wait to read more!