Sunday, April 3, 2016

First Sunday Advocate: April 2016

A new month, a new set of children to share with you! All of these kids attend projects with one of my kids, so I can tell you all about the project, if you decide to sponsor one of them. I will share each child's picture, their age and name, and in parenthesis I will put the child I sponsor that attends that project. That way, if you're interested, you can click on that child's photo in the sidebar, and be directed to all of the posts about their project and about the letters they've sent me.

This month, I have quite a few teenagers to share with you. Sponsoring teenagers is great! Their letters are amazing and full of details. It's easier to connect with a teenager than a younger child, in my opinion. Plus, if you're looking for more a short-term commitment, sponsoring a teenager is the way to go, because they will be graduating the program in just a few short years. Plus, it's a great way to encourage a young adult in their last few years at the project, and give them the encouragement to head out into the "real world". 

Of course, I have a few little ones to share with you too. :) 

Matias has been sponsored! 

Rosa has a sponsor! 

Anahi is sponsored! 

Raveendra has been sponsored!

Midrede has been sponsored! 

Jane has found a sponsor! 


  1. I had my eye on Arkey. I hope he finds a sponsor soon.

    1. He is a handsome young man. He's wearing the same jacket as my boy Jhonrex, so their project must have given them out as gifts, as some point.