Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Letters with Pictures!

Aren't those the best?!

I am so thankful for the financial sponsors of my correspondent kids. I constantly think about them and pray for them and thank them for paying the sponsorship fees for these children and agreeing to let me write to them. It is such a blessing to get to know these kids. It's like the ultimate teamwork, in my mind.

It is even more wonderful when these financial sponsors give extra financial gifts to their sponsored children. I thank them so much for that because I get some great photos!

First up, I'll share the letter from Enatenesh. I have received a few photos of her and her family in the past and they always make me laugh a little bit. Her brothers always pose like magazine models and I love it. Serious young men.

Enatenesh is 18 years old and lives in Ethiopia. Her letter is dated July 9th, 2015.


Dear Kayla, 

How are you doing, my beloved and respected supporter? I am doing fine. My family would like to forward their greetings to you. Thank you so much for the your support through the church and for your gift. We fixed our house with some of the money and deposited the rest in the bank. May God bless you. I passed to Grade 8 this year. I attend Sunday school class. Thank you for your letter. There are many singers in our church. These singers celebrate Christmas nicely. I have two brothers: Wasihun and Tekalign. I love them so much. The older one is 24 years old and the middle one is 19 years old. Please pray for my brothers and for my family. I will pray for you. Until next time, bye! 



Now, a letter from Jose. This is only the 2nd letter I've gotten from him and it's so long and detailed. It's so great when kids jump into great conversations from the start. 

Jose is 17 years old and lives in Peru. This letter is dated July 15th, 2015. 


Dear Sponsor Kayla, 

I greet you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, hoping that you are in good health. I want to thank you for the the gift money. I bought a pair of blue jeans and a t-shirt. They are beautiful. Thank you for the letters that you sent. My favorite color is green. My favorite meals are "cuy chactado" (guinea pig!) and potato pastry. In order to have fun I go out to play soccer with my friends and I listen to music. I have a younger brother who is 15 and an older sister who is 18. At home, we live with my parents. It is a small family but we love each other very much. I want to tell you that my family and I are fine with God's help. God helps us to achieve our goals. I can see that God helps us with our family at home. Our teachings share their teachings with us pupils. In nature, I see all the creation that God has made; plants, animals, and I see him through the people that love me very much. God is everywhere because he is the creator of the universe. I thank you for the pictures that you sent. They are beautiful. What are the parents' names of the children that you look after? Please pray for my family. I close with a big hug and kiss. 



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  1. What amazing photos!!! Entanesh's brothers are a riot with their poses! So handsome! It's such a treat to get photos like this.