Monday, September 21, 2015

A Honduran Trifecta!

I had a full mailbox today! I received 6 letters! How awesome is that?!

I want to share three of them with you today. All three from kids in Honduras. My kids from Honduras are all wonderful writers!

First up, a letter from Nahomy. She has beautiful handwriting for somebody so young. As somebody who didn't even have legible handwriting until I got to college, I'm a little bit jealous. :)

Nahomy is 9 years old. This letter is dated June 6th, 2015.


Hello Dear Sponsor Kayla, 

I want to tell you that I'm really happy for receiving your letter. I'm doing well. Thanks to God, I've been having a good day. Let me tell you I did celebrate Easter and I had a nice time with my family. We went to church and when we got out of church we had a family dinner and then my friends and I played with firecrackers. I had lots of fun. Thank you very much for the photos you sent me. Thanks to God, I'm healthy. I've seen God in nature whenever I see the trees moving. I also see him in my teachers because they always talk to me about Him. God bless you. I love you and I appreciate you very much. 



Next up, a letter from Celeste. She always write so well, with many details. She really paints a mental picture, I think. 

Celeste is 13 years old. She wrote this letter on August 20th, 2015. 


Esteemed Kayla, 

My friend, today is a very special day because I received your letters and I am answering your questions. My grandmother is doing very well and healthy and so am I. This is a good day because I am writing a letter to you. The photographs that you sent me during Christmas are very beautiful. The Easter pictures and the pictures of the children are very beautiful too. I can imagine they have so much fun and they're learning so fast together. Thank you for your prayers for my family and my life. I can see God in all the good things that happen to me and the rest of the people in my village, when there are jobs for people, and when my friends heal when they are sick. Also when the teacher is showing us how to do things and in nature. I can see Him in the lagoons and in the workers and farmers that feed us. I want to tell you that in the month of August we will be having a three day camp at the project about values. We have to do peace, honesty, and dignity. That is all for now. I say goodbye to you with greetings and friendship. I love you very much. God bless you. 



Last up, the letter from Alexander. He answered a lot of my questions from several letters. 

Alexander is 14 years old. His letter is dated August 20th, 2015. 


Dear Sponsor Kayla, 

How are you? I am doing well. Let me tell you my favorite food is shrimp soup. My favorite cartoon is Tom and Jerry. My favorite activity is reading and my favorite color is red. The name of my best friend is Jesus. My favorite animal is the cat. My favorite hero is Escribi. My favorite sport is basketball. How are you today? Today is a very beautiful day because God is in my community. My friends and teachers are nice. Nature is beautiful. I am doing well and I have been having a nice day. Do you celebrate Easter? Do you have fever sickness? I am doing well. Is your sister well? My brother is big and healthy. What is your favorite food? Thank you for the letter and the picture you sent me and for the questions. I ask you to pray for me and my family. I send you a kiss and hug. 



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