Friday, September 18, 2015

Florenc's Updated Photo: 2015

I got this year's updated photo from my Albanian teen, Florenc. Isn't it so great to see them grow like this?

He's truly grown into a wonderful, young man. Our first couple of years together, he seemed so low, unhappy, and lacking in self-esteem. Now, his letters are hopeful about the future and he seems confident in himself. I'm so blessed to be able to know Florenc. I will treasure our last couple of years together, before he graduates at age 18. 


  1. My Albanian girl just turned 16 a few days ago and it's weird to me to think I will no longer have her in a couple of years. I've sponsored her since she was 12 and while other kids in my sponsorship "family" have come and gone, she has always been there and has always written such beautiful letters! I definitely will sponsor another Albanian child after I lose her.

    1. I will also sponsor another Albanian child when Florenc graduates. I have had such a wonderful experience with Albania and can't imagine myself without, at least, one of these wonderful, beautiful kids.

    2. Same here! It would be so odd to not have an Albanian kiddo. The correspondence is so fantastic.

  2. Wow - what fun to see his growth progression!

  3. Such a great new photo! And what a blessing that you've been able to see him grow up!