Tuesday, January 28, 2014

My Sweet Sagi Girl

I have a correspondent kiddo from Indonesia, as you probably know. Her name is Sagitaria, but when I think of her or speak about her, I always call her Sagi. She is such a precious girl, to me. She calls me Mama. I love that.

In this letter, she is answering the list of questions that I asked about her school. I am happy that I have been getting answers like these from so many of my kids. It really does give me great insight into their school lives. Sagi wrote her letter on November 26th.


Dear Mama Kayla, 

Shalom. How are you mama Kayla? I hope you are doing well. Here, my family and I are doing well. Mama, I don't like studying mathematics. My talent is dancing. There are spinach and kangkung (water spinach) in the garden. On Sundays, I go to church. Mama, I am in 5th grade. I wear a uniform. There are 8 classes in our school. There is a library in our school. We have sports teams and physical education class at school. Mama, there are computers in our school. The male and female students are seated separately. The children start primary school at 7 years old and finish at 12 years old. Mama, next week we are going to face the semester test. Please pray for us. I hope that we can get good scores. That's all for now, Mama. May Lord Jesus bless us. Amen. 

Your Child, 

If you can't read the caption, it says "Sweeping the floor at home". Sagitaria always draws me such great pictures. 



  1. What an adorable drawing!!! And what a sweet girl!!! I love that her talent is dancing…I can just imagine how beautiful her dancing must be!!