Saturday, January 4, 2014

First Letter of 2014: Festivals and Holidays from Kwizera

Happy new year to me! Only four days into 2014 and I got my first letter of the year. Gotta love that. :)

This letter is from my cutie in Rwanda. This time, Kwizera wrote to me on the Festivals and Holidays template. Most of his answers in this letter are similar, but if you think about, we celebrate most of our holidays the same way too.


1. Our national festivals/holidays are: Christmas, Easter, and New Year

2. My favorite national festival/holiday is: Christmas

3. My family celebrates my favorite national festival/holiday by: Dressing smartly, going to pray, and eating good food. 

4. My favorite foods to eat during celebrations are: Meat, rice, and chips. 

5. My family celebrates Christmas by: Going to pray and eating good food.

6. At the project we celebrate Christmas by: Gathering together, praying, and eating well. 

7. My family celebrates New Year by: Going to pray and eating good food. 

8. At the project we celebrate the New Year by: We celebrate it at home. 

Dear Kayla,

Your sponsored child Kwizera greets you in the name of Jesus. He'd like to tell you that he and his family love you and they always pray for you. He is so glad for the letters and pictures you send to him. He has completed primary 3 with good marks and he is going to proceed with primary 4. He has shifted to another project. He now belongs to RW-339 because his parents moved nearby the project. He celebrated his 9th birthday on November 15th. He wishes you a Merry Christmas and happy new year.


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  1. How fun!! We received the Festivals and Holidays template from our little guy in Rwanda this week! I like your Kwizera's favorite foods for the holidays!! And how encouraging that although his family had to move, he is still able to be a part of Compassion.