Friday, January 17, 2014

More Love From Albania

I have to say, my Albanian boys are starting off 2014 in a great way. Letters within the first two weeks of the year!

Today's letter is from Xhuliano. As you can imagine, this letter is as sweet as it can be. Xhuliano has such a sensitive soul. Such a precious boy.


Greetings my friend, Kayla,

I was very happy receiving your letter, where you wrote many beautiful words for me and my family. I will express openly every thought I have in my heart for you, my friend. I like the subject of literature at my school a lot. My teacher is very loving and patient with her students. My family is thank you for praying to the Lord every day for us. We pray to God for you as well, because you are a girl full of love and pride. You are and will be every day in our hearts. Stelina is doing great, but Marsela is sick with a mild flu. I was glad to hear that your parents bought a new house. I am dreaming of a new house for my family and I hope that God will help us finish the new house that my dad has started to build. Now we live in a very small house where I sleep in a small kitchen together with my sisters. I love them so much. I like a lot the career your sister has chosen to become a policewoman. I pray to God to fulfill her desire. The wedding of my cousin was a wonderful one. My mom participated there and she told me there was a special atmosphere, good food, and lots of dancing. I am ending my letter here, wishing it finds you doing well. 




  1. I love this kid! His writing is so amazing....

    1. I think so too. Every letter is such a treasure.

  2. Xhuliano is so sweet!!!! I love how much he cares for you!! It's so evident in his letters. He reminds me of our Earl John in the Philippines…he wrote us a letter (that we received last week) to assure us that he was ok after the typhoon and he included photos of his family so that we could see that he was ok. These boys melt my heart!!